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Chelsea Clinton News
Critical Review, "Big Paper Winter", Woodward Gallery
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By Joe Bendik - January 2010

Woodward Gallery, NYC
Rick Begneaud & Mark Mastroianni
Exhibition Press Release

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May 2009

Pro Arts Gallery
"New Visions" Juried Exhibit
Exhibition Press Release

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August 2008

Fast Forward
Rick Begneaud: Texture + Color... A Unique Collage
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October 2008

The Independent Weekly
When I Paint My Masterpiece
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By Mary Tutwiler - May 2007
Article Written by Stephanie Buhmann
The Villager, New York - Volume 79, Number 4 - July 2009

Four separate shows, showing below Houston
'The discovery of many rare treasures' awaits'

This two-person show, featuring Mark Mastroianni & Rick Begneaud makes a good
case for poetic abstraction in painting. Both artists favor a palette that combines
pastels with occasional earth tones and they share an obvious affinity for organically
morphing forms. Their works are atmospheric, soothing and what most would
consider as transcendent. While there is a sense spontaneity in the expressive
nature of some of Mastroianni's and Begneaud's of gestures,their compositions
are well thought out and balanced. Harmonious is the adjective that is most
applicable; and it is while looking at the often-disguised content that one will find
two artists who seem very much in unison with their environment.

Mastroianni and Begneaud both draw extensively from their experiences and
relations to what surrounds them. But whereas Mastroianni is strongly influenced by
nature (in particular the motions of water and the reflection of light), Rick Begneaud's
inspiration is deeply rooted in his extensive travels, as well as the places and the
people he encounters. To both, mixed media is a means to express their eclectic
experiences and thoughts. Mastroianni, though also working with oil on canvas, has
long favored tarpaper - which enables him to build up smooth surfaces. His imagery,
(often ethereal, ranging from abstract to illustrative), seems to float above and within
these in- between spaces - constantly on the verge of transformation

In contrast, Begneaud embraces collage to create compositions that hint at
geometric organization. He in particular appropriates textiles that he gathers from
the many places he visits, mounting them onto the canvas as rectangular shapes
and combining them with painted accents, such as red color dots. In contrast to
some other shows this month that preach the radical, Mastroianni and Begneaud
continue along a path that is as private as it is introspective and calm.