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Press Release: December 2, 2010
For Immediate Release [download pdf]

12 Gallagher Lane announces representation of Artist Rick Begneaud

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (December 2, 2010) 12 Gallagher Lane is
announcing representation of Artist Rick Begneaud and his addition
to the gallery’s Visiting Artist Program.

Just as 12 Gallagher Lane strives to embody the spirit of the Louisiana
plantations that resident Artist Hunt Slonem finds solace, Begneaud,
a Cajun South Louisiana Native, brings the same Southern impression
with him. His use of sun bleached and storied cloth juxtaposed with
swatches of paint create a unifying landscape of color and pattern.
Begneaud’s collages are emblematic of the bright colors of the bayou
and the numerous travels through Africa, his upbringing, and as
nephew and studio assistant to his uncle, the iconic American Artist
Robert Rauschenberg. His sense of color and composition are in
perfect unison and evident of his talent.

“I feel the collaboration of 12 Gallagher Lane and Artist Rick Begneaud
will only accentuate the colorful atmosphere and vitality of the gallery,
while also offering Begneaud a welcoming environment for his work,”
says Gallery Director Derek Cabaniss. “This gallery space has an
energy that has been hosted by the artwork within it. In choosing
Begneaud, we have made a conscious effort to keep that energy
thriving. We look forward to a long collaboration with this incredibly
talented and spiritual artist.”

12 Gallagher Lane will present an introduction and public exhibition with
an Openin Reception for the Artist on January 6, 2011 from 5:30-8:30 pm.
Gallery Hours: Wed - Sat 12-6 pm Mon/Tues by appointment


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