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The works of Rick Begneaud are born of place and
experience. The impetus for his exotic, collaged inventions began in the heart of Cajun country where he was raised,
and then later on, in his travels as the nephew / studio
assistant / sidekick to the legendary Robert Rauschenberg. Frayed and bold fabrics seem perfectly right next to photographic reproductions and other ephemera, but most indicative of his “paintings” are the reverberating color and the sense of
formal composition turned on its head, leaps of faith that
give the work their unique signature.

Gallery Owner, Don LeBlanc, states, “Rick’s got a very contemporary approach to image making. He uses found materials--patterns, fabrics, printed materials, appropriated photographs, diagrams. Ready-mades. He creates his
own world on the surface of the work rather than painting
a picture of the world.” [more]

Begneaud works out of his studio in Sausalito, California, the quaint Bay Area enclave that has long been a creative hub for artists of all kinds. Still an avid traveler, Begneaud seeks out gorgeous fabrics, walls, trees, heat, beautiful people, amazing landscape and language in West and North Africa and beyond.

“Rick Begneaud has an eye that cannot be ignored. I am proud to witness his talents. The sense of color and composition are proof of unique experiences and exposures. He obviously possesses some of the old man’s genes.” (quote by Robert Rauschenberg) [back]

Rick Begneaud